South East Local Land Services

The South East region is characterised by a high level of diversity in its landscapes, land uses and communities.  Landscapes range from the temperate rainforests of the coast to the wide and open grasslands of the Monaro, from extensive coastal estuaries and lakes to small upland freshwater wetlands, and from intermittently flowing coastal streams to marine waters.

The South East region supports a variety of land uses including a range of agricultural industries, commercial and recreational fishing, aquaculture, water harvesting, heavy industry, forestry, surface and underground mining, urban and lifestyle development and tourism and recreation.

About 65 per cent of the region is publicly managed (mostly in National Parks or State Forests and Crown lands).  The remainder is privately managed agricultural, lifestyle and urban land.

Scattered throughout the region are many significant historical Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal cultural heritage sites.  These can be found in and around towns and cities, along beaches, rivers and tracks and in open plains and dense forests.

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Image: Megan Rowlatt – Snowy Mountains

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